praise for talk yourself happy

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Kristi gets vulnerable and shares her heart with a healthy dose of humility and humor. I cried with her and laughed within the same page. Sometimes you think you need to have it all together but reading Kristi’s testimony of how she let go and let God take her faith to an even higher level was a spiritual shot in the arm to me.
— Sherri Shepherd, actor, comedian, talk show host (former cohost of The View)
Common everyday happiness can disappear in an instant, especially when life comes at you hard... The happiness that Kristi has found is not the common kind. She has found the happiness that heals, restores, and gives hope for the future; the happiness that comes from going through the hard times and coming out on the other side. In Talk Yourself Happy, Kristi shares her deeply personal journey of holding on to God’s promises and then discovering that God’s promises hold on to you.
— Gordon Robertson, CEO, the Christian Broadcasting Network
When you talk, speak God’s words. If you do, you and those around you will gain an eternal perspective that will surpass your circumstances. As a teacher, counselor, and dad who has lost a child I know how important it is to speak the right words . . . and to receive them. This book is not a fluffy pep talk. It’s a recalibration of you in relation to God. Get joy here.
— Ron Deal, speaker, therapist, and bestselling author of The Smart Stepfamily
Talk Yourself Happy is more like a conversation with a dear friend who knows where you really live. Kristi Watts keeps it real about the struggle to find a place called happy when life is making you otherwise. Practical, humorous, and honest, she gives convincing answers for the questions we ask in the midst of our pain.
— Michelle McKinney Hammond, author of Get Over It and On with It